Convertable Bunk Bed

The convertable bunk bed gives you maximum flexability for a bunk bed. The Convertible is a loft bed with a full bed under that can be turned in as a double decker bunk, or turned at a right angel forming an L-configuration. The Loft needs to be extended to allow this. Some options are to use the Twin/Full extra long matress and/or use a bookcase headboard to take up the extra space, which allows for a standard mattress to fit. Storage drawers or a Trundle can fit under the lower bed. Casters can be added on the lower bed for easy movement. The loft can be made extra tall for additional headroom. Includes two bunkie boards.

The convertable bunk bed can be built in most of the models as a twin, full or queen plus we can make it longer, taller, shorter. The convertable bunk bed can come finished or unfinished - if finished we will stain to the color of your choice. Available Accessories: Storage Draws, HeaderBoard, Bookshelf, Trundle bed

Convertable Bunk Bed Pricing
All Prices include Finishing and Tax

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Paul Bunyan model
Model #DescriptionPriceSale Price
PB500Twin/Twin - Twin XL Loft$589$471
PB501Twin/Full - Twin XL Loft$644$515
PB502Twin/Queen - Twin XL Loft w/Bookshelf$801$641
PB503Full/Full - Full XL Loft$806$645
PB504Full/Queen - Full XL Loft w/Bookshelf$914$731

Princess model
Model #DescriptionPriceSale Price
PR500Twin/Twin - Twin XL Loft$727$581
PR501Twin/Full - Twin XL Loft$782$626
PR502Twin/Queen - Twin XL Loft w/Bookshelf$1015$812
PR503Full/Full - Full XL Loft$911$728
PR504Full/Queen - Full XL Loft w/Bookshelf$1146$917

Royal model
Model #DescriptionPriceSale Price
RY500Twin/Twin - Twin XL Loft$759$607
RY501Twin/Full - Twin XL Loft$817$654
RY502Twin/Queen - Twin XL Loft w/Bookshelf$1059$847
RY503Full/Full - Full XL Loft$950$760
RY504Full/Queen - Full XL Loft w/Bookshelf$1196$957

RuffRider model
Model #DescriptionPriceSale Price
RR500Twin/Twin - Twin XL Loft$914$731
RR501Twin/Full - Twin XL Loft$964$771
RR502Twin/Queen - Twin XL Loft w/Bookshelf$1120$896
RR503Full/Full - Full XL Loft$1126$901
RR504Full/Queen - Full XL Loft w/Bookshelf$1233$986

Tall Loft (twin or full) - up to 74inchesCall

Popular Accessories
Bunkie BoardsIncluded
2x6 tapered upper guard rail (pair)$20
Standard Trundle bed - twin$134
Storage Drawers (Pair) - Twin$213
Storage Drawers (Pair) - Full$240

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