Loft Bed

The Loft bed is simply a bed that has been raised off the floor to gain floor space in a room; or to put it another way, it is a bed on stilts. A desk, dresser, or even an existing bed can be placed underneath. Loft beds include one bunkie board.

The Loft bed can be built in most of the models as a twin or full size plus we can make it longer, taller, shorter. The Loft bed can come finished or unfinished - if finished we will stain to the color of your choice. Popular Accessories: HeaderBoard, Shelf

Loft Bed Pricing
All Prices include Finishing and Tax

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Viking model
Model #DescriptionPriceSale Price
VK300Twin Loft$288$230

Paul Bunyan model
Model #DescriptionPriceSale Price
PB300Twin Loft$355$284
PB301Twin XL Loft$383$306
PB304Full Loft$505$404
PB305Full XL Loft$533$426

Princess model
Model #DescriptionPriceSale Price
PR300Twin Loft$437$349
PR301Twin XL Loft$467$373
PR304Full Loft$581$465
PR305Full XL Loft$611$489

Royal model
Model #DescriptionPriceSale Price
RY300Twin Loft$457$366
RY301Twin XL Loft$488$390
RY304Full Loft$607$485
RY305Full XL Loft$638$510

RuffRider model
Model #DescriptionPriceSale Price
RR300Twin Loft$557$446
RR301Twin XL Loft$592$473
RR304Full Loft$707$566
RR305Full XL Loft$740$592

Tall Loft - up to 74inchesCall

Popular Accessories
Bunkie BoardsIncluded
2x6 tapered upper guard rail (pair)$20
Standard Trundle bed - twin$134
Storage Drawers (Pair) - Twin$213
Storage Drawers (Pair) - Full$240

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