Would you like your bed Finished or Un-Finished? Most of our beds are available in an unfinished state. What that means is that we don't do the finish sanding (sometimes we'll do some rough sanding) or apply any stain. If your looking to do some of the work yourself, you can stain, paint, stencil, sponge, faux finish - use your imagination, or if you just want to save a few dollars this is the way to go. Ask for unfinished pricing.

If your bed is to be finished, it will under go a final sanding then be stained to the color of your choice. We primarily use the Minwax brand of oil based finishs and their color chart maybe found here. If you have another favorite stain or color that you would like to provide, we can use that also. We can also provide samples of wood to take to the local hardware store. Most stores will open a can of stain to apply to the sample wood. In most cases we will color a sample piece of wood to make sure of the color that you are getting. We have had great success with the Golden Oak color of Stain. We prefer not to clear coat for a couple of reasons: 1) is safety - a shiny bed is a slippery bed and 2)is durability. A simple stain coat is easier to maintain. When a bed needs a touchup, a light sanding then wipe again with stain.

Minwax Wood Finish Color Chart.

Finish Options:

* Unsanded and unstained (ready to prep and stain): available upon request
* Lightly sanded and unstained (ready to stain): available up request
* Fully sanded and stained with any of our Minwax® oil based colors: comes standard
* Custom stain colors using other brand (requires additional prep): $20 additional charge

Minwax® Wood Finish™ Stain Colors: included in the finish price Other oil based stains may incure a small fee as we test them.

While we prefer the oil based stains, we can finish your bed with a water based stain
- Water based stains will incure an added $50 charge as there is more time and work involved with using this product.

Again we can supply you with sample pieces of wood to take to the hardware or paint store to make sure your getting the color and affect you desire.

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