Paul Bunyan

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The Paul Bunyan bunk bed line is one of our best beds made almost entirely out of 2x6 stock. Its standard height is 68” tall (our most popular height), but it can be made to any height up to 73”. The 68" standard height is taller then either of our economy models plus it splits the head room for both top and bottom bunk bed occupants evenly in a room with normal ceiling height of 8 feet. It also makes sitting on the bottom bunk bed easier.

Paul Bunyan bunk beds have six "ladder" rails on each of the ends, making it easy to climb as children grow. The “L-Shape” bunk bed configuration is a big space saver and makes a nice corner arrangement. Chest of drawers, bookcases, wardrobes, etc. can be placed under the loft portion. The lower twin bed is a separate bed and can be used as shown, or moved to the outside of the end frame, or even to another location. The Loft bed protion can be made extra tall, allowing adults to sit on lower bed without hunching over.

The Paul Bunyan can be built in any of the styles plus we can make it longer, taller, shorter. Available in twin, full or queen sizes, the possiblities are endless. The Paul Bunyan bunk beds can come finished or unfinished - if finished we will stain to the color of your choice. Available Accessories: Storage Draws, HeaderBoard, Shelf, Tapered top guard rail(s)

Paul Bunyan Standard Bunk bed Pricing.
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Paul Bunyan Standard Bed Pricing.

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