Triple Bunk Bed

Where the standard bunk comes with two beds, the triple bunk comes with three. This can be accomplished by placing a trundle bed underneath a standard bunk or by building the three beds into 1 frame. We can even build the middle bunk at right angles to the main bed giving you an L-Shaped triple bunk!! The third bunk can be placed at any level. The L-Shaped triple configuration is a big space saver and makes a nice corner arrangement Triple Bunk beds include 3 bunkie boards.

The Triple Bunk bed is built to a standard height of 75" to accomadate an 8 foot ceiling or can be built to a height of 82" for a 9 foot ceiling. Available in twin or full sizes the possiblities are endless. The triple bunk bed comes finished - we will stain to the color of your choice. Available Accessories: HeaderBoard, Shelf, Tapered top guard rail(s)

Triple Bunk Bed Pricing
All Prices include Finishing and Tax

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Triple Bunk Beds
Model #DescriptionPriceSale Price
CU900Triple Bunk bed - twin$745$596
CU902Triple Bunk bed - L Shaped - twin$914$731
CU904Triple Bunk bed - Bottom L Shaped - twin$914$731
CU906Triple Bunk bed - Corner Loft - twin$972$777

Popular Accessories
Bunkie BoardIncluded
2x6 tapered rail (pair)$20

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